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Nino Kalandadze Comments on Jose Manuel Barroso’s Letter

Tuesday, July 19
Georgia's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nino Kalandadze has commented about the letter sent by Jose Manuel Barroso - President of the European Commission, to the organization Solidarity to Illegal Prisoners.

Kalandadze states that it’s in Georgia’s interest to consider such recommendations. She says that Georgia listens to the recommendations with the intention of taking them into consideration. These recommendations are known to the government of Georgia and law enforcers have already responded to them.

“It’s in Georgia’s interest to fully and adequately investigate all the facts that raise questions and that were linked with the law enforcers”, Nino Kalandadze said.

As head of Solidarity to Illegal Prisoners Eka Beselia stated she sent Barroso a letter regarding the May 26 crackdown three weeks ago with relevant materials and demanded a reaction. Beselia received the letter from Barroso on July 16, in which an objective investigation is demanded. According to Beselia the EU calls on political parties and NGOs to get actively involved in constructive dialogue with the government and only after it will Georgia become an example of democracy in the region.