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How the national currency is respected?

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, July 19
Gallup agency carried out polling in the 11 post soviet countries last year and it appeared that Georgia’s local currency GEL is not completely trusted among the country’s population. 33% of Armenians for instance prefer to save their savings in their local currency. National currency loyalty is higher in Azerbaijan where 70% of those asked prefer to save money in local currency. In Russia 56% prefer keeping their savings in Russian rubles. Some countries are more respectful towards USD, in Tajikistan 51% of the population prefers to keep their money in USD, 41% - in Uzbekistan, 39% in Belarus. In Georgia the situation is as such: only 28% prefer to keep their savings in GEL, 38% prefer keeping money in USD and 23% in Euros. Gallup is planning to carry out the same type of polling later this year as well.