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Tuesday, July 19
US changes Georgia`s visa code from GRZ to GEO

The United States have changed the visa code to Georgia from GRZ, which comes from the Russian 'Gruzia' to GEO - Georgia. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and the Ambassador of the United States to Georgia made definitions regarding this change to the visa procedures for the media today. They handed over a new visa to a student with the GEO code indicated in the document. John Bass also hailed the extension of visa timescales for Georgian citizens to ten years, saying it would facilitate the intensification of bilateral contacts.

`The new visas now have a new code for Georgia, GEO instead of GRZ. This change has come about as the direct result of the conversations we have had through the strategic partnership commission in one of the working groups, the People to People working group, as an issue that the government identifying has been a concern of Georgia and Georgian citizens, that is something we worked on to address and to make sure that our visas represent Georgia`s present and not its past,` the Ambassador said
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Teenager complains about violence from parents

A 13 year-old boy has lodged a complaint about violence from his parents. The case of family violence has prompted the law enforcers to build up a criminal case based on the testimony of the victim and his neighbors. Mishiko Komplatadze says his parents often beat him up without reason, leave him hungry and throw him from the house urging him to beg for money in the street. The boy often spends nights in the street, sleeping on benches and in the parks.

The neighbors have confirmed the incidents of violence on the child, but the parents deny the allegations.

If the investigation proves that the child was abused by his parents, they maybe deprived of their parental rights.
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Georgia to visit EU, UN, and OSCE Geneva talks co-chair representatives

Today Georgia will visit co-chairs at Geneva talks form UN, OSCE and EU. Nino Kalandadze, Deputy Foreign Minister said this at the routine briefing.

She said, the visit of co-chairs is connected with the preparation work for the next round of Geneva talks. They will be introduced with the situation on site. Pier Morreli (EU), Anti Turunen (UN) and Gendrius Chekuales (OSCE) will hold meetings with the Georgian party in the frames of this visit.

"We will pose again the question about the terrorist acts committed on the occupied territories of Georgia. Georgia demands that the international community investigate these crimes, "- Kalandadze said.

She confirmed that Geneva talks' co-chairs will arrive in Tskhinvali on July 19 and Abkhazia on July 20.

The next round of negotiations is planned for October 4.

FEMEN Protested In Support of Georgian Photo Reporters

Women's movement FEMEN protested in Kiev yesterday in support of Georgian photo reporters near the embassy of Georgia in Ukraine .

FEMEN activists demanded the release of the three detained photo reporters from the government of Georgia. FEMEN joins the international campaign demanding an objective investigation of the photographers’ case. “FEMEN demands from the Georgian government to release three photo reporters from preliminary imprisonment”, the statement released by the movement reads.

Someone, who left the embassy, attempted to disrupt the protest. As the press service of FEMEN informed, the attacker was an embassy employee. “The protest was disrupted by the embassy employee, who attacked FEMEN activists and then journalists, he tried to break equipment”, the movement states.

The activists of FEMEN consider that the disruption of the protest confirmed the doubts of the international society, that Tbilisi has media phobia. “By going against journalists of a foreign country, diplomatic mission representatives expressed their disrespect to the democratic principles – freedom of manifestation and expression. We are more concerned about the fate of the detained photo reporters on the basis of this fact”, the FEMEN statement reads.

The event was held in the framework of supporting the international journalistic campaign No Pictures- No democracy!

Producers to cast unprofessional actor for St. Nino role

The name of the girl who will play the role of Saint Nino will be clarified after the casting of non-professional actors is concluded. Under the decision of the Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II, the producers, who plan to shoot a movie on the life and history of the Enlightener of Georgia, Saint Nino, are searching for a young girl, who is not an actor by profession, who has not played any other roles before and who will not act in any other film in the future.

The director of the film has been searching for the right face in the churches for the past few weeks. Today, the candidates were summoned to the Dighomi film studio for casting. The main criterion at the beginning of the casting is the appearance of the candidate.
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Georgia wins Beach Wrestling World Championship

Georgian has won the Beach Wrestling World Championship.

The Georgian wrestlers have won 11 of 16 gold medals and among the champions are two girls.

This is the first time the beach championship has been held in Georgia, in particular, in Adjara Region on the Black Sea coast. Over 40 contestants from 11 countries have participated in the championship.

The World Championship took place in Batumi for two days. FILA (Federation Internationale des Luttes Associees) also attended the championship, which was supported by the Adjara government.
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