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If you have any connection with foreign special services would you go to the police department and confess it voluntarily?

Tuesday, July 19
“Nonsense, no real spy will do such a thing. I am not talking about a new intelligence officer. It is known that all professional spies are being taught in special institution.”
Gia, Producer, 35

“I am not interested in who believes such stupid things and in general, what our law enforcement structures are doing lately is funny and shameful. I am fed up with those horrible stories.”
Gela, Historian, 51

“I am not going to spy either for me or some other state as I do not intend to find myself in dirt for any side.”
Anna, Journalist, 34

“I think that a serious and professional spy, which is the most dangerous job in reality will never do such thing, if I were a professional in this field I would not contact the police and say, hello, I am a spy, this is ridiculous. However, there will be some less professional ones, which might do such a thing, or just ordinary ones, for which they would be paid.”
Giga, Musician, 32

"This is the funniest thing I have ever read by the officials. No sensible person will go to the police and say he or she is a spy. This is so obvious. I think the Interior Ministry's statement is just a joke, a bad one."
Zhana, PR specialist, 26

"I think that they have simply gone mad. This is already a mania or phobia. I would advise them to work on something more useful and sensible than making such funny statements."
Tengo, driver, 44

"Well, I remember the authorities used to call on the population to go and hand in their illegal arms to the police, so I think there is nothing unusual in this latest statement. Although I don't think that anyone will disclose that he is a spy. It is very unrealistic in my opinion."
Inga, economist, 50