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Georgia number 3 enemy to Russia

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, July 20
Polling in Russia recently showed that according to the public opinion, the Russian population considers Georgia as major enemy. In this research Russians think that after the USA and China, Georgia is the third main enemy for their country. As a result of Russia's anti-Georgian propaganda, Georgia has become one of their significant foes in the minds of Moscow. The polling was carried out on July 9/10 in a hundred towns, villages and cities of Russia by the foundation under the name of Public Opinion.

So it is the result of methodical brainwashing Russian population that after 2 great superpowers, the USA and China, Georgia ranks third, some ten years ago this type of polling was also carried out in Russia. Back then Afghanistan was running in third. So Georgia is progressing towards the world giants.

It is interesting to suggest that for the Putin-Medvedev regime Georgia is a convenient enemy to target. Firstly it is considered as representative of post soviet space. So, the Russian population sees Georgia as a part of the western world which threatens the Russian federation, a leading force in the post soviet space. There is another theory as well, that Russia cannot militarily confront the west but it has had no such obstacles with Georgia as Russia defeated it and snatched 20% of Georgia’s territory. Indirectly thus Moscow is demonstrating its might and ability to suppress western representatives in the area which, according to the Kremlin, is its sphere of influence. So on one hand Moscow wants to cooperate with the west, but on the other it demonstrates its ability to militarily silence the western presence in the region. Of course Georgia cannot retaliate and the west also is not ready to get involved in anything beyond expressing solidarity to Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty. Georgia, for the Russian leadership, is a shelter from its own failures. Therefore militarily defeating Georgia is indirectly seen by some in Moscow as defeating Washington and Brussels. That is why Russia promotes the idea of Georgia being among its leading enemies. There is yet another issue of motivation for Russia. Despite multiple attempts, Moscow could not exercise control over Tbilisi and indeed it has become a nuisance to the Russian imperialistic approach. The Kremlin cannot understand that tiny Georgia really wants to be independent from Moscow.