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Wednesday, July 20
Jondi Baghaturia becomes new vice speaker

The new faction Unity for Justice was created at the Parliament and in accordance with its founders it will function independently from the Parliamentary Majority and Minority, 24 Hours reports. The faction consists of six members: Giorgi Tsagareishvili, Petre Mamradze, Jondi Baghaturia, Karlo Kopaliani, Tamaz Diasamidze and Dimitri Lortkipanidze.

At the Briefing Giorgi Tsagareishvili stated that they are planning to use their authority and present the candidature of Jondi Baghaturia for the vacant position of the Parliamentary Vice-Speaker.

Tsagareishvili, the chairman of the newly created faction, the MPs saw the necessity of creating the faction for a long time, though this process accelerated after the May 26 events and with the failure of the opposition parties’ to negotiate with the government. According to him, the faction will raise the issue of the creation of a temporary commission for investigation of the events of May 26 at the very first Bureau sitting.

According to Tsagareishvili, the faction will be fiercely oppositional and will be a reliable supporter for political parties outside the Parliament.

Deputy Minister awarded schoolchildren with gold medals

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Irine Kurdadze and Deputy Governor of Gori Zurab Khorguashvili awarded 50 successful students with golden medals at Gori Public School ¹7 in the frame of the Supporting Gifted and Talented Youth Programme, 24 Hours reports.

School students of Gori district performed well in the high school leaving exams. Some of them got top marks and are among the most successful schoolchildren in Georgia. For this achievement, they received portable computers from the President of Georgia. In 2010-2011, Gori district can boast 46 gold and 63 silver medal holders.

On the initiative of the President of Georgia, the Ministry of Education and Science implements “Sub-programme for Awarding the Best students with Medals”, in the frame of this program, in total, 877 gold and 1122 silver medals were prepared for the 2010-2011 academic year.

The criteria for selecting the medal candidates are regulated by the National Curriculum. Each medal has the name of the holder and the year of graduation engraved on it.