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Do you think is it necessary in Georgia to learn the Russian language? If not, why?

Wednesday, July 20
“I think it is not really necessary in contemporary Georgia, but anyway it is good to know as many languages as possible, Russian or otherwise. In my opinion we should not stop learning Russian just because we do not like the Russian government.”
Maya, student, 20

“Our neighbouring countries – Armenia and Azerbaijan are still interacting with us in Russian. So if we want to contact them, we should know the Russian language. It is never bad to know a language. Although I don’t think it is absolutely necessary to know Russian in our country.”
Medea, nurse, 47

“None of my children know the Russian language, although they have some lessons in Russian at school. I can’t say that I am very happy about this, but I am not worried much either.”
Lali, accountant, 39

“It is definitely necessary to learn Russian because we-the ordinary citizens shouldn’t judge from a political viewpoint. WE are neighbors, we used to share the same cultural values and why should an unhealthy policy ruin our friendship? On the other hand learning the so-called “language of enemy” would also be “profitable” for Georgians.”
Meriko, IR Specialist, 28

“I guess the Russian language must be learnt like any European language as it is necessary in particular jobs. That’s why I think ¬those w¬ho want to learn Russian should have an opportunity to choose.”
Sandro, Economist, 24

“To abolish Russian classes just because of political hostility would be a really silly decision… I think Georgian and Russian people have nothing against each other, moreover we Georgians are so keen in languages that we can easily learn any language while others find our mother tongue quite difficult. I like Russian and I know lots of foreigners who use it as their second foreign language after English.”
Anna, Journalist, 21