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In which field do you think Georgia needs reform the most?

Monday, July 25
"I think the most acute problem is Georgia is freedom of court and in general the judiciary system. When there is no guarantee that anyone will be punished adequately and you will not be found in prison unfairly then we can talk about democracy and reforms."
Lela, teacher, 35

"Media! We need impartial and unbiased media in Georgia and we have a right to demand it to give us objective information every day. Do not hide those things which are not liked by the authorities in Georgia. Let us have the opportunity to see what is really happening in Georgia."
Nitsa, student, 22

"Well, there are plenty of reforms which have been carried out in Georgia and it is worth mentioning that the most successful reforms have been implemented in education and police fields, however much is to be done in regards of judicial, economic and human rights."
Alexander, bank employee, 29

“I think there are lots of things in need of reformation but no one unfortunately cares about it in Georgia. Systems need to be re-arranged for further prosperity of each particular field while our officials care about their personal wealth rather than the country.”
Ia, Dentist, 37

“I think systemic changes should be immediately introduced in politics or economics, moreover the Government should also consider the social challenges people are facing nowadays and do everything to ensure safety of the country and peace. Give people wise reforms not those “facade changes” they are offering us every day.”
Nikoloz, Architect, 44

"I would point out reforms on the election system. But I believe that there is no wish from the government to held transparent and democratic elections. Reform is just a word, a good word indeed but to carry it out is really a very difficult process for the current regime."
Shalva, pensioner, 68