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Is Russia preparing a new attack against Georgia?

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, July 26
Georgia is permanently under pressure. On one hand Georgia’s leadership tries to promote tourism in the country and attract investors but for both of these goals to be achieved, a stable situation in the country is crucial.

However relations with its neighbour Russia are still very tense. Russia occupies two Georgian territories, altogether around 20% of the country's land. The Georgian administration claims that the Russians are constantly organizing different types of subversive actions against Georgia in an attempt to undermine the situation in the country. Of course such information scares tourists as well as investors. Unfortunately the information of this type is regularly appearing in mass media on a domestic and international level.

An organization 'My Georgia' and its chairwoman Eliso Kiladze disseminated on July 22 allegedly confirmed information according to which Russian FSB (military intelligence of Russia) is planning to hold anti terrorism operation in Georgian territory. The detail and reliability of the information is under serious question but some are speculating that it is just a ploy from Russian side to spread panic and discourage possible visitors or investors from Georgia. Behind Kiladze’s information there is a complicated situation allegedly involving high ranking officials in Georgia as well as some representatives of Chechen boeviks (terrorists according to Russian classification). According to this plan a subversive action should have been planned to undermine the Sochi Olympic games' construction works or maybe Russia would organize a terrorist attack in Sochi itself and put the blame on Georgia. As Kiladze stated the source of information is reliable and she just wanted to play a preventive role. However most of the Georgian analysts still doubt the reliability of this information. Analyst Paata Zakareishvili thinks that it is quite realistic that Russia itself could organize some provocation on its territory to incriminate Georgia. Representative of the Chechen Diaspora in Georgia Khizri Aldamov thinks that Georgia is a permanent target for Russian provocation. Analyst Mamuka Areshidze thinks that the threat from Russia is always increasing and nobody knows when Moscow will make its move. So, as there is a formula, this information is neither denied nor confirmed but frequently information is being spread which undermines the situation in Georgia creating a feeling of discomfort either in the tourism or in the investment climate.