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Tuesday, July 26
Foreign Ministry sends diplomat to Norway

Georgian diplomats will join the operations aimed at searching the whereabouts of the Georgian national, Tamta Liparteliani, who went missing in Saturday's tragedy on Norway`s island of Utoeya. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has sent a diplomat serving at the Georgian embassy in Denmark. The diplomat who has consular functions will join the searching operation as soon as possible.

`The mission will last until the final picture of the tragedy is reconstructed and the whereabouts of the lost Georgian girl is found, ` Nino Kalandadze told journalists at the briefing today.

Kalandadze says the second girl, who was in the same youth camp together with Liparteliani, is safe now and she remains in the country under her own decision. Tamta Liparteliani is still considered lost as she was not found among the casualties of the tragedy.

The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its condolences to the families of the dead and the Norwegian nation as a whole.

Time to File Appeal in Girgvliani Case at European Court of Human Rights Expires Tomorrow

The valid timeframe in which to file an appeal against the 26 April, 2011 decision on the case “Enukidze and Girgvliani v. Georgia” at the grand chamber of the European Court of Human Rights expires today. As lawyer of the family of Girgvliani Davit Jandieri told InterPressNews, if the secretariat of the European Court doesn’t satisfy the demand of one of the parties to review the decision by the end of the day, it will be in force and the Georgian state will have an obligation to execute it.

He says that their party is satisfied by the decision of the European Court of Human Rights, that the decision fully depicts the violations of the investigation of the case in Georgia.

“The European Court of Human Rights notes that the preliminary investigation of MIA, Georgian prosecutor’s office, Georgian court and activities of the President of Georgia and executive government made it obvious that the institutes were not interested in finding the truth about the murder case. So, Girgvliani’s family doesn’t file the decision of the European Court of Human Rights”, Jandieri says.

He says that committee of Ministers will presumably raise the responsibility of the people, who were directly responsible for disrespect to the right to life, to the people who hindered the investigation, to find the connection between the people dining at the Chardin Cafe and the four convicts; fully serve the prison sentence by the four accused etc.

The lawyer says that after the decision of the committee of Ministers enters into effect, they expect re-investigation of the case to provide proper conditions for effective investigation of the case. Jandieri doesn’t expect the government of Georgia to file an appeal against the chamber’s decision, fearing that they will lose the case again and be in a worse condition regarding the position on the right to life.

Workers find 4 mines on former territory of Russian military base in Batumi

Workers, who are constructing a new trade centre and parking in Batumi have found four mines on the territory where once Russian military bases were stationed. At about 14:00 on Sunday, the workers noticed suspicious objects while digging the area of a basement. They called for patrol police; now sappers are working at the site to defuse the mines. The construction works were suspended due to the incident. The police have sealed off the area within a radius of several hundred meters of the construction area.

The experts say the mines were put in the earth by Russian soldiers. The mines were dug in the ground at several meters' depth. Locals say they have found land mines at the aforementioned territory several times before.
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Georgia u-20 takes first position in EU qualifying tournament

Georgia u-20 basketball team has won Division B of the European Championship qualifying. The team trained by Davit Ustiashvili, has taken the leading position in the Championship qualification round with 22 participants. After Georgian basketball players defeated Czech Republic and guaranteed their participation in the A division, they played a final match against Estonia yesterday defeating the Baltic side 79:70.

The experts have already named Tornike Shengelia as the best player and best forward, who really impressed the spectators with his good play.
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