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How would you estimate Georgian and Russian Patriarchies' meeting, what do you wait from it?

Tuesday, July 26
"I think that it is a very important meeting, our patriarch is a real father of the country, who really wishes the best for Georgia. I am sure that his attempt will come true with God's assistance."
Tamta, Assistant, 23

Two Patriarchs meeting would have the greatest importance for the Orthodox world! I think there is something really supreme in our lives that is more than ugly political games and Im sure this meeting would become the start to conciliation for the two neighboring countries.
Dimitri, Student, 22

Its a common knowledge that our Catholicos-Patriarch has great authority among the orthodox parish and meetings with the Russian Patriarch would become the most important event in Georgian-Russian relations. Its a pity that religion is considered as part of policy nowadays but Im sure if Ilia the Second would have an opportunity to make any political step he would do it with the greatest responsibility in order to make peace between the two neighboring nations.
Elene, Painter, 27

I remember the meeting between the two religious figures a couple of years ago after the August War if I remember well and I think something has really changed in our lives since then: people have nothing against each other its just politics that complicates everything and makes us feel uncomfortable. Georgia and Russia have centuries of friendship no one exactly knows who started the war in 2008 but I think people like our Catholicos-Patriarch can change our mentalities in the best way.
Mamuka, Dentist, 31

"Of course it is a very important meeting. I have listened to the Patriarchate's statement, all the issues our Patriarch would raise during the meeting has a greatest importance for the country. If the Georgian church's jurisprudence would be restored on the occupied regions, it would be very serious step forward made for those regions reintegration."
Temur, Physicist, 28

" it is very difficult to say something beforehand, i just have a hope that this meeting would be ended positively. as for the meeting, each such meeting is important , to my mind."
Gela, Engineer, 43

The fact is really historic however I do not have many expectations from it. Russian Patriarch is not an independent person and he will defend his country position even during the meeting with Ilia II. But I believe that such a wise person as our Patriarch will reach some good results.
Nana, housewife, 42

It would be great if they agree for our patriarch to visit Abkhazia and meet our brothers and sisters- Abkhazians. Let us see how it will end and pray for the best.
Dali, economist, 37