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Wednesday, July 27
American army general of Georgian heritage dies at 75

General John Malkhaz Shalikashvili, a highly esteemed American officer of Georgian origin, died at the age of 75 in the Madigan Army Medical Center in Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WashingtonUnited States on July 23. He was born in to a family of a Georgian officer and a Polish lady in Poland. Later his family emigrated to USA and Shalikashvili fought in the Vietnam war, was the Commander in chief of NATO troops in Europe and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (the highest military position in the USA). In the first Gulf War, he performed his duties with great distinction, most notably in a peacekeeping mission 'Provide Comfort' in Iraq. (The Messenger)

Adjara was put on list of countries in Turkish poster of world culture days by mistake – Osman Mjavanadze

Adjara was listed as a country in a Turkish poster of world culture days by mistake, Osman Mjavanadze, a representative of the Adjarian Tourism Department to Trabzon, told InterpressNews.

‘It was a mistake and we are trying to correct the mistake now’, he said.

The above-mentioned information was spread by social network after a photo of the poster was released. Georgia and Adjara are named as separate countries on the list. World culture days started in Turkey on 12 July. (Interpressnews)

Georgian government sues footballer Kakha Kaladze

The Georgian government will open legal proceedings against the famous Georgian footballer Kakha Kaladze.

Dmitri Dzadnidze, Deputy Justice Minister said to GHN, the government will open the legal case against the company "Arsenal", which belongs to Kaladze.

The "Arsenal City" did not fulfil obligations to the government and consequently the government will start the legal pleading and will act in accordance with the legislation, "- Deputy Justice Minister said.

The negotiations concerning Kaladze have been pending already 2 years but the investor and the government still cannot agree. The government signed the agreement with Arsenal City in 2008. According to the agreement the investor was to pay USD 38 mln, and for the 2016 - USD 700 mn.

Kaladze was to pay before December 2008, USD 38 mln but instead he paid 18 mln. Daily the fine for non-payment rises and has now reached 19 mln. After the war of 2008 Kaladze asked the government to postpone the payment. Some time ago Kaladze said that against the background of the world economic crisis the project implementation in Arsenal City has no sense.

According to the project "Arsenal City was to become a multifunctional unit, where the houses, recreational units and offices were to be placed, as well as governmental offices. (GHN)

Kakha Kukava denied information about possible new political party

Kakha Kukava, leader of Free Georgia has denied information about the possible establishment of a new political party together with Levan Gachechiladze and Koka Guntsadze.

"No new political party will be established. I am a member of Free Georgia. We wish to be in cooperation with those oppositional forces who are the radical opposition. It is too early now to talk about what the outcome of this cooperation will be, "- Kukava said.

He noted that Gachechiladze and Guntsadze are closely cooperating with him but no talks are about the establishing of any union.

The Georgian press had disseminated the information as if Kakha Kukava, Levan Gachechiladze and Koka Guntsadze were willing to establish the political party. (GHN)

Construction Of Contemporary Bus Terminal starts in Batumi

Construction of a contemporary bus terminal is underway in Batumi. The Georgian-Turkish company ”Avrasia-Georgia” is implementing the project.

The construction will start in a few days and will finish in 14 months. It will be equipped with European infrastructure and will have capacity for about 400 buses.

According to the management of the company, ”Avrasia-Georgia” will also build a trade center that will set in motion in two years.

The first investing amount is 14 million US Dollar that will be importantly incresed during the construction process. (Prime-News)

Georgian government has to pay off compensations for repression during the Soviet Empire

The matter of compensation is a responsibility of the Georgian government for the citizens repressed during the Soviet Empire according to a decision delivered by ECHR.

"The European Court satisfied one more pleading against the Georgian government. The case was about the compensation pay off for the citizens repressed during the Soviet period. This compensation now is to be paid by the present Georgian authorities. The European Court of Human Rights considered that it does not matter who is at the power - Mikhail Saakashvili or Stalin. The repressed people have to get compensation, "- Zaqaria Qutsnashvili said to GHN.

To be noted, Qutsnashvili in connection with this Court decision will hold a press conference today. He will talk in detail about the taken decision.

For information, the Georgian Parliament passed a law in 1997 according to which the people repressed during the Soviet period were classed as repressed people. (GHN)