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Do you think the existence of a monitoring council in the penitentiary system is needed or not?

Wednesday, July 27
“If we take into account illegally detained persons and the conditions where they live obviously this initiative is worthwhile. I do not know very well who is in charge in this project but I want to know real information about what happens in the penitentiary system”
Meri, teacher, 41

“As far as I know it exists in any democratic state, I do not know what the situation is in our penitentiary system. However the existence of such council would be good, even from the viewpoint of prevention."
Guram , Historian, 38

“I think that it is very important, especially when there are a lot of statements about things that are wrong in the penitentiary system in terms of human rights protection. If Georgia really wants to be a democratic state, human rights must be protected here."
Davit, Manager, 28

"I think it is important, however I also think that current authorities will not let the creation of such a council, as, in this case, they will not be able to use violence in prisons, as they do now. Or they will demand to create such a council by themselves and there will be their own members in the council, which will change nothing in the system."
Tamar, Sociologist, 30

“I do not see it as necessary. Those who are guilty should be punished and everyone knows that the penitentiary system is not a 5 star hotel. As far as I see from TV they live in normal conditions and they have an opportunity to have visitors for 24 hours.”
Nana, student, 24

“Yes I think it’s really necessary especially for the eradication of problems within the penitentiary system.”
Lile, Journalist, 24

“Well I’m not deeply familiar with the system but I’ve heard about the violations from the officials at jails. I think the detainees already suffer from their crimes and the only thing they need now is re-socialization. If the monitoring council would look after the situation within the prisons I think it would be a step forward to the creation of a safe environment for detainees.”
Ilia, Lawyer, 28