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How would you assess the visit of Georgia’s Patriarch Ukraine?

Monday, August 1
“If it were not for our Patriarch I cannot even imagine where and how our country might have been. The most important issue during his Kiev visit was a meeting with the Russian Patriarch Kirill who reiterated that the Russian patriarchate does not recognize our breakaway regions' independence. I think politicians have exhausted their chances to conduct direct dialogue with Russia, now our hope is our Patriarch!”
Mariam, teacher, 42

“Meeting with the Russian patriarch was a most significant and historical fact. As Ilia II said such meetings will help resume talks and relations between two nations. I do not know many details of this meeting, however this is already a step forward in regulating relations among our countries.”
Levan, economist, 26

“Our Patriarch said that frequent meetings will have an outcome and I agree with him. Without communication and dialogue our relations will freeze forever. This issue is the most painful for IDPs and I wish the patriarchate to conduct these negotiations successfully.”
Keti, student, 19

“To tell the truth I have not watched the news and I cannot comment on it. Although I think that such meetings are just formal and no real results are expected. Whoever may meet the Russian Patriarch, he does not decide instead of Putin or Medvedev, therefore what can we talk about with a Russian church leader?”
Beka, sportsman, 24

“Georgia should be grateful of our Patriarch’s job and attempt to normalize relations between Georgia and Russia, but I'm afraid it will be impossible while Saakashvili’s regime rules the country.”
Maia, housewife, 31