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What information do you have on the new Georgian ID cards? Is it available?

Tuesday, August 2
I got information from a news program regarding the issue . If it is necessary for me and I have no other choice, I will get it. As for money, I can afford it but it will be expensive for most Georgians.
Madona, Ministry Employee, 24

It was a pleasant surprise for me. Based on the information I have now, that card shortens long procedures. I'll be able to carry out several procedures through the internet, because as I know, it will be linked to a bank account as well.
Revaz, Student, 21

I think itís a very positive step for our country on the international level because the new electronic ID cards simplify access to documents even on online, which is very easy for the business sector.
Anuka, Editor, 25

I read the information about the new cards on the web page of the House of Justice which issues the document and I must say I was really impressed with the accessibility of the card. I think itís a real challenge for a small country like Georgia to have such an innovative document.
Nino, Manager, 34

Well actually Iím among the people who thinks that our Government should have more systemic changes rather that ďfacadeĒ ones. This means I find it less important to spend a great amount of money on modern technologies when people in the street are suffering from hunger. Thatís my personal viewpoint but who knows maybe the 21st century demands other things like IDs, computerization, etc.
Nodar, Writer, 26

To tell the truth, I have little information on these ID cards .I've heard about it, however I don't know why it's better than an ordinary ID. It would be good to have it explained in detail through news programs.
Giorgi, Engineer, 51

I am against those bio metric ID cards, which is the greatest mean to get and control each serious information on each citizen. There are countries, where people are being protesting against adopting of such ID cards.
Mariam, teacher, 35

As it has been stated by the current authorities and the initiators of the ID cards, it is unique, however I don't believe their words and think that something is hidden behind it..."
Guram, Painter, 38