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Thursday, August 4
Ilia Second thanks people for love

The Georgian Patriarch thanked the people for their love. "I would like to say thank you to God and thanks to the people for their love, "- Ilia the Second said in the Trinity Cathedral on his Angel's day.

He noted that Georgia will succeed and will be bright. "And we will compete with each other only in our love. I love you the most or you love me," - Georgian Patriarch said.

For information, today the day of St. Ilia is marked in Orthodox Church. Georgian Patriarch served a divine service at the tomb of St. Ilia Enlightenment. (GHN)

Enrique Iglesias performed magnificent show in Batumi

Eight thousand spectators attended the concert of the Spanish pop-star, Enrique Iglesias, who arrived in Georgia`s seaside city of Batumi two days ago and performed a magnificent show on the Europe Square. Those who failed to arrive five hours before the concert in front of the stage were watching the show outside Batumi Theatre, where the organizers installed large screens.

The Spaniard performed 13 songs, including popular hits and those from a new album of the pop star, but 19 year-old Tamuna turned out luckiest of all others, as the star sang especially for her.

The show began with a concert of Georgian stars, Sopho Nizharadze, Stephane and 3G and the Eldrine, the group, which had a reasonably successful performance at the Eurovision 2011 song contest. When the stage decoration was changed for the fourth time, the mega star appeared on the stage.

The main guest of the MTV Live Batumi show gave an interview to Georgian journalists. The organizers of the concert, who were impressed with the Georgian audience, said they would soon bring other stars to the country.

Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili was among the spectators too. After the show, the president walked in the crowd and took photos with spectators.

Enrique Iglesias left Batumi the next morning for his concert in California. (Rustavi 2)

Nino Burjanadze thanked Red Cross

On August 2 the Democratic Movement leader Nino Burjanadze sent a letter of thanks to Arianne Tombe, head of the Red Cross delegation.

The representatives of the Red Cross delegation are regularly attending hundreds of persons detained after May 26 of 2011. They are kept in prisons, in terrible conditions in almost all regions of Georgia claims Burjamadze. The supporters of the Democratic Movement and Public Gathering, after visiting prisoners, said the Red Cross representatives visits and support gave hope to the prisoners. (GHN)

NGOs Appeal to Khatuna Kalmakhelize

Non-Governmental organizations are expressing their concern regarding the situation at the institutions of the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance.

In the joint statement released by the NGOs it is mentioned that together with a rising summer temperature, the living conditions of the prisoners has worsened significantly, as in most of the cells there is no ventilation and in some cases there is trouble with water supply. This has created serious problems for those prisoners who are held in so called closed institutions and those who have some health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Non-Governmental organizations call on the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance to immediately carry out the necessary measures to solve this problem with ventilation in prisons and provide proper human conditions for the prisoners. (Interpressnews)

Georgian Labour Party objects to country`s educational reform

The Georgian Labour Party objects to the school reform carried out in the country. Party member Giorgi Gugava said at the briefing yesterday that thousands of schools have been abolished throughout Georgia through the years, as a result of which teachers have lost their jobs and possibilities to study have been restricted for children.

Representatives of the opposition party urge the authorities to stop the abolishment or merging of schools and let teachers maintain their jobs.

"We call teachers and parents, let`s not compel our children to slavery, let`s save schools from abolishment together", Gugava said.

He also said the authorities intend to close all the schools, in which the number of children does not exceed 300. (Rustavi 2)

Lagodekhi PA to join PAN PARK

Lagodekhi's protected area will become a member of the international PAN PARK (Protected Area Network) soon - the representatives of the organization and the Agency of Georgia`s Protected Areas discussed the issue at a meeting yesterday.

The experts of the international PAN PARK said after visiting the Lagodekhi PA, that the park meets all required standards to become a member of the organization.

Georgian authorities believe the accession of the Lagodekhi Protected Area into the international PAN PARK will help to raise Georgia's profile across the globe. (Rustavi 2)