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Do you feel safe in Georgia?

Thursday, August 4
"To be honest, I do. I am no longer afraid to walk freely in the street which was practically impossible several years ago, I think that our law enforcers are performing well."
Nana, Teacher, 32

"No, neither in Georgia nor in some other state. This world has become full of threats and full of terrorists. "
Natia, Student, 19

"I am an ordinary citizen and I feel safe more them some others in the country who live better than me and are not the relatives of the current authority representatives. In general, crime has really reduced in the country, however it moved to a higher level,"
Giorgi, engineer, 29

"I feel safe, I am not afraid that someone might rob my bag or mobile when I come into the street. I have not heard of any burglaries recently as well. At the same time, police are everywhere and you can call them any time."
Tamta, Assistant, 26

ďI donít feel safe in Georgia Ė I have been to several European countries and I must say the internal situation is absolutely different there in various ways. Thanks to God we donít have terrorist attacks or other similar activism but the secret operations against criminals are so frequent that hardly anyone can feel safe from the state suppression.
Anna, Economist, 28