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Do you like Georgian kindergartens?

Friday, August 5
"I think Georgian kindergartens put people in unequal conditions. On the one hand there are free public kindergartens with 20-25 children and on the other hand there are more exclusive places with 5-6-members per group with huge charges. It is really difficult to make comparison between the two types of services; not everyone can afford paying much money for the same services which these two kindergartens provide for children every day."
Elene, Housewife, 27

"As a parent I don't like the situation at kindergartens in our country. Private ones cost too much while the public kindergartens have too many children and teachers find it difficult to deal with their responsibilities."
Anna, Economist, 36

"I have two daughters and I often take them to kindergartens so I must say I'm somewhat familiar with the situation within the offices. My kids go to private kindergartens as me and my wife both work from early morning to late at night and we need to be sure that our children are absolutely safe during the day. That's why I can only be complimentary regarding our private kindergarten with its 6-8 children, young energetic teachers and wonderful services."
Mikhail, Manager, 29

"I don't mind Georgian kindergartens, when I was little I liked my kindergarten and think that it was one of the best periods in my life. My relatives have children, they use kindergartens service and are not unsatisfied."
Nina, student, 21

"There are different kinds of kindergartens in Tbilisi, with different services, it is based on how much one can pay for it. The kindergarten where I leave my son is normal, with normal service, he has contact with children, is entertained and nurses pay him attention, which is the most important thing for me."
Nutsa, Teacher, 28

"I did not like that kindergarten's service where I was leaving my children, that is why I changed it very quickly. Their current one is better. It is nice when the teachers are creative and educated, as little children remember things very well."
Nino, Doctor, 34