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Three years on from the war, how do you assess Georgia's statehood? Do you see any prospect of Georgia regaining its occupied territories?

Monday, August 8
"Unfortunately, the situation in the country has deteriorated. We have lost 20 % of our territories and at the same time Georgians still have to live in extremely bad economic conditions and we have the authorities which do not think of our welfare."
Nugzar, Driver, 51

"To my mind, more or less, the country managed to overcome the main crisis and Georgia as a state exists. Of course, there are a lot of problems in the country, however we have managed to go ahead, despite very regrettable events. Currently, there are no positive signs regarding the occupied regions, however I am very much hopeful."
Manana, Teacher, 43

"Three years on from the war, the fact is that we did not win anything. We lost the war, lost the territories and received annihilated infrastructure and additional problems from the war, from which we are still rehabilitating. People still have to live in poverty and only a small part of the society managed to become rich at our expense."
Davit, Unemployed, 35

"Georgia is still developing and it is very obvious, to my mind. A lot of things have been done in different directions. As regards the occupied regions, Georgia have won the international and information war against Russia and I hope all this would be very soon reflected in reality."
Giorgi, Businessman, 29

The current political situation in Georgia doesn’t consider a conflict solution… With no public diplomacy we are getting further and further from the Abkhazian and Ossetian people. Constant trouble with Russia doesn’t serve us well. The August war in 2008 was the result of this wrong policy and I’m afraid it has minimized our chances for unifying the Georgian territories.
Shalva, Analyst, 29