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Tuesday, August 9
Sanikidze: do not be afraid to vote against Saakashvili

Leader of National Forum Gubaz Sanikidze says that the chance of regaining our territories exists but first Saakashvili should be removed from the authorities, Akhali Taoba writes. “They must lose in the elections and they should go. People should vote against him and they should not be bribed GEL 20. We have not had a real state for two centuries and we do not realize how important it is that you are on the world map, that you are member of the UN. We have a feeling that we are a part of something huge. Before now this “huge thing” was Russian imperia and now we have an ambition to become a part of the ugly Anglo Saxon world,” Sanikidze says.

“It is often said that it is impossible current regime to leave the authorities through elections, but why is it impossible? If a million people come out in the street one day and says what he/she should have to say why would he not go?,” Sanikidze says.

From boarding school to private school

The project that gives the opportunity to talented schoolchildren from vulnerable families to study at private schools is continuing, 24 Hours reports. The project is initiated by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia. Eter Gogia, a resident of the children's shelter will continue her 12th year of school at a private school.

Dimitri Shashkini visited the school “Mtsignobartukhutsesi” with Eter Gogia and showed her the school where she will study from September. The Minister also presented a personal computer to Eter Gogia.

The project that gives the opportunity to the talented schoolchildren from vulnerable families to study at private schools started in 2010. Last year the Principal of the school-lyceum invited 5 children from vulnerable families to study there. One of them, Adelina Chanturia finished the school successfully and now will become a student. The school will cover her university fee and if Adelina graduates successfully, “Mtsignobartukhutsesi” will buy an apartment for her.

Now Eter Gogia, who lives at orphanage with her brother, will have the same opportunities to get an education.

The school “Mtsignobartukhutsesi” won the title of the Best Private School of 2010. The school is one of the top 20 schools with the results in High School Exams 2011. The school with modern infrastructure implements every initiative of the Ministry.