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On the third anniversary of the august war do you think Georgia was to blame for the outbreak of the August war?

Tuesday, August 9
“It is difficult to answer this question because as the citizen of Georgia I fully share the tragedy of the families whose sons and husbands fell three years ago. Russia may have fired the first shot but Georgia definitely provoked it to do so. Unfortunately Abkhazian and Ossetian people have made their choice between Georgia and Russia and the war in 2008 simply proved that.”
Giorgi, Architect, 48

“It is too late to judge who was wrong and who was right… All I see is that lots of innocent people died and lots of people remain homeless… That’s not fair – no war should be allowed in any country at all!!!”
Nona, Teacher, 27

"When somebody is occupying a significant part of your territories, it has no meaning to clarify who is guilty and who is not. The fact itself that some other state has occupied your own areas indicates that occupant state's fault."
Lasha, web Designer, 27

"When somebody is permanently provoking you, sooner or later, one will become the victim of the provocation."
Revaz, Student, 22

"I see the fault of Georgian Government, when you are in power and a lot of your citizens' fate is in your hands and you behave without adequate assessment of the situation, it is a serious fault."
Paata , engineer, 32

"I do not want even to recall the events. Even the Georgian side had some faults regarding the issue, after such great loss and sacrifice we suffered in this war, it is unimaginable for me to the blame the Georgian side."
Roin, Poet, 23