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Christian-Democrats ask for amnesty for economic crime

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 10
The Christian Democrats will announce at the autumn session a draft law over the amnesty of certain economic crimes. The party thinks that today there are many people arrested for an alleged economic crime they have committed but the Christian-Democrats are requesting more tolerance. Some lawyers think that over 30% of crimes in the country are economic crimes. Commonly, this crime is determined by the ignorance of the population, so some minor offences unfortunately result in tension and offenders are jailed. Some minor crimes therefore could be pardoned and the sentence could be milder than at present. These economic crimes include falsifying documents and bribery of state officials which could be punished with a penalty or by alternative punishment rather than imprisonment. However, falsifying documents is a serious offence, and so is bribery. The government and court system have started reaching deals with the accused whereby they are released on bail if they give a confession.