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Wednesday, August 10
Temur Iakobashvili: Russia’s image degraded – Russia did not won war with Georgia

As a result of the August 2008 conflict, South Ossetia and Abkhazia did not gain their independence but became more dependent upon the Russian Federation, Russia is mistaken if it believes that they won the war with Georgia, - Temur Iakobashvili, Georgian Ambassador to USA said in his interview with VOA, GHN reports.

"I think there were no winners in this war. We lost many lives, which we cannot return. All other things are revocable. I believe the image of the Russian Federation in the international arena degraded, as Russia now operates openly as an occupational force. The attempt of Russia to fix its occupational power in a diplomatic way has failed.

I do not believe that Abkhazia and South Ossetia are now independent states, they are even more dependent on Russia than they were before. It would be better if Russia changed its strategy, for Russia and for all regions this will be a good strategy, "- the Ambassador said. (GHN)

Mamuka Katsarava – Municipal Kindergartens to cost GEL 50

The cost of Municipal Kindergartens will be set at about GEL 50. The statement was made by the Head of the Municipal Department of Social Service and Culture, Mamuka Katsarava.

Katsarava was responding to the statements of the Labour Party, who claimed that there were plans afoot to raise the cost of Kindergartens to GEL 100.

Katsarava declared that the decision of City Hall serves to restore social justice in the kindergartens. (Interpressnews)

Refugees at Hotel Abkhazia Demand the Postponement of their Eviction

The refugees living at Hotel Abkhazia are demanding the postponement of their eviction and the planned meeting with an investor. The refugees made the declaration in front of the hotel.

The refugees state that they are not going to leave the building without fighting, as they possess the information that the building has been sold. In case of forceful eviction they intend to ask for political refuge from the Tskhinvali regime.

The government had allegedly given the refugees ten days to leave the building, where they had lived for the last 21 years. (Interpressnews)

Experts to observe melting glaciers in Georgia

For the purpose of avoiding possible natural disasters, a geological expedition has been planned to Devdorak Glacier in order to examine the process of ice melting there.

The decision has been made by the Ministry of Environment Protection of Georgia.

Experts say Gergeti and Devdorak glaciers in Kavkasioni mountain range are characterized with catastrophic pulsation.

Representatives of the environmental ministry are expected to observe the alarming situation on the glaciers for one month. (Rustavi 2)

Irakli Alasania Meets the Residents of Khashuri Region

The Leader of Free Democrats, Irakli Alasania has held meetings with the residents of Khashuri region.

The Press Service of the party informed InterpressNewss that Alasania has already held a meeting with the residents of the village of Chumateleti, which has been recently damaged by heavy rain.

The Press Service reported that the government has not provided any assistance to the local residents after the disaster. He claims that the government does not take any care of the veterans, the level of unemployment is very high and the government does not contribute to the development of the middle and small enterprises.

The Leader of Free Democrats will hold a meeting with the residents of villages: Vakha, Brili and Agara, located in the Kareli region. (Interpressnews)

Revenue Service to Implement the Institute of Tax Officers

The Georgian Revenue Service intends to implement the institute of Tax Officers. The Head of PR Department of Revenue Service Ana Gogichadze made the statement about it at a special briefing.

After Ana Gogichidze the main function of the Tax Officers will be to assist the tax payers and consult them in solving different problems. The Tax Officers will be distributed according to the districts. They will operate daily on foot or by public transport to meet with the tax-payers and assist them in resolving different problems. Besides the Officers will inform society about the reforms that are underway at the Georgian Revenue Service.

The main function of the Tax officers will be to consult the tax-payers rather than fining the citizens.

At first the program of Tax Officers will be launched in Tbilisi and then it will cover the other regions as well. At the beginning, 80 people are involved in the program. (Interpressnews)