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Wednesday, August 10
Scandalous conclusion

Leader of Democratic Movement Nino Burjanadze presented the group's official conclusion on the Levan Samkharauli State Bureau of Forensic Expertise, which reported on the movement of Burjanadze’s escort on May 26, Kviris Palitra reports. The conclusion states that the vehicles in the recording did not hit anybody or anything. It was so clear that even a state institution could not hide the truth or write an unclear conclusion.

On May 26, after the rally dispersal on Rustaveli Avenue several supporters of Burjanadze were arrested and were charged for resisting, attacking and injuring police.

Training in Information Technologies Continues

Trainings of 1st grade teachers in Information Technologies are held throughout the whole of Georgia. First Deputy Minister of Education Koka Sepherteladze and Director of National Center for Teacher Professional Development Gia Mamulashvili observed the training process at Tbilisi Classical Gymnasium, 24 Hours reports.

From the new academic year all teachers and first graders of Georgia will be provided with “Buki” net-books that are produced in Georgia by the companies “Algorithm” and “Intel”. In order to smoothly integrate information technology into the teaching process, the Ministry has started the training of the 1st grade teachers.

During the trainings, teachers will master computer skills and will get introduced to technical parameters and administrative procedures of the net-books. They will also learn how to work in the class management program – Mythware e-Learning Class 6.0 V.

By the beginning of the new academic year, all 1st grade teachers will be trained in IT.