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How much time do you spend on social networking activities?

Wednesday, August 10
"Well, social networking has become an inseparable part of my life. I spend nearly 4-5 hours on social network activities per day, I talk with my friends and get gossip."
Nana, Student, 21

"Not too long, however I am registered in different social networks and when I am tired with working, from time to time, I visit my pages and see what's happening. I spend nearly 1-2 hours a day there, sometimes more, it is dependent on whom I chat with there."
Giorgi, Manager, 28

"During work, my pages on some social networks are opened and I look through them as well. I spend 7-8 hours at work and in this period my pages of social networks are opened and I contact my friends there and get different information."
Nutsa , Administrator, 25

I do not use any social network and I cannot understand why so many people waste their time there all day long. I am using my internet just for checking mails. This is really very bad for personal development and especially for youngsters. They remember nothing but these social networks.
Lali, teacher, 42

Well I spend from 10a.m to 6 p.m even at my job.
Lasha, Credit Expert, 28

It depends on my mood I may be using my PC every day but it doesnt mean that Im chatting in facebook or any similar social network. I read books, watch films and write poems. So my time spent in networking ranges from 3 to 5 hours daily.
Gvantsa, Pupil, 17

Im working at a tour-company from early morning till evening and I m always logged in to facebook where I chat with my friends in my free time. So I seem to be spending around ten hours on social networking every day!
Magda, Tour Operator, 20

I was spending much time 2 years ago and finally I met with my future spouse through Facebook after which we have married. Now I have lots of work and it is hard to find free time for that.
Tamta, accountant, 28

I spend some time after school, but I do not think that I am wasting time on silly things. Many think that it is just for entertainment, but it is not so, everyday I get familiar with something new, information, even birthdays of my friends. Besides, I am contacting my old friends from school so we do not lose touchr.
Sophie, schoolgirl, 16