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Thursday, August 11
Sophie Shevardnadze: Medvedevís antipathy towards Mikheil Saakashvili was easy to notice

Sofo Shevardnadze, a journalist of Russia Today TV network was among those journalists who recorded an interview with the Russian president few days ago. In her Interview to Kvela Siakhle, Shevardnadze says the Russian President Dmitry Medvedevís antipathy towards Mikheil Saakashvili was plain to see during the interview.

According to Shevardnadze, Medvedev gave the interview to the above-mentioned networks in response to Saakashviliís interview with the Echo Moskvy. Shevardnadze says that none of the journalists attending this interview was under the illusion that Medvedev could say something new or different regarding the August war. According to her Medvedev said what he wanted to say and what he is thinking about.

On the journalistís question of what she would ask Mikheil Saakashvili, Shevardnadze replied: ĎIíd like to ask Saakashvili: how would you expand the Georgian-Russian relationship that was revived during the interview with Medvedev?í.

Bakradze met with US Delegation

The Chairman of the Parliament, David Bakradze hosted the delegation of the Assistants to the US Congressmen, visiting Georgia within the scope of a 6-day visit, Akhali Taoba reports. At the meeting, the parties spoke about the current modernization process in Georgia, including political and economic.

The Chairman of the Parliament spoke in details about the legislative changes, the adoption of which facilitated improvement of the business environment, which was reflected in the ratings of the World Bank and other international organizations.

Bakradze also spoke about the constitutional changes, as a consequence of which, the power shall be distributed in a new manner to the three branches of the state authorities: the President, Parliament and the Government.

The delegation of the Assistants to the US Congressmen will depart from Georgia on August 13.