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Are you satisfied with the quality of customer service in Georgia?

Thursday, August 11
"I think that the service sector is developing in the country, it is not as bad as it was several years ago. Now, I think the level is medium. Consumers in Georgia have become more demanding, as now there is better choice and owners and sellers are more polite."
Dato, Manager, 26

"Service in Georgia depends on where you get the service. If you are in a modern building or hotel, in a modern super market or hyper market, the level of service is quite high but some other ordinary places, it is medium or even low. in general we have a low level of service in Georgia."
Tamuna, Teacher, 36

"Not high, but not low at the same time, I think that recently the situation has changed and in case you refuse to buy something the seller does not look at you like you are guilty and does not argue. Such a situation still exists in some places."
Natia, Student, 21

“I think it depends on the personnel’s character – some people are really rude but others quite nice even at the same offices or organizations. That’s the same case at shops and super markets – everything depends on mood, which is not quite pleasant for the clients.”
Sandro, IT Specialist, 27

“We have no “culture of service” in Georgia – it’s kind of an unwritten rule in Europe that “the client is always right…” It may sound quite selfish for the staff but if you want to sell your product you have to do everything which is not the case in here. I have left several shops in Tbilisi only because of their terrible service.”
Anna, Film Director, 34