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Friday, August 12
IDP Protest Rally Demanding the Meeting with Public Defender

Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) held a protest rally demanding a meeting with Public Defender. The rally participants gathered at the Public Defender’s Office and demanded Giorgi Tugushi to halt the process of their eviction and explain to them what role the Public Defender can play in such situations.

The Head of PR Department of Public Defender’s Office met with the participants and told them that the Public Defender is not in Tbilisi at the moment. He has gone to Kutaisi as he had not been warned about the demands beforehand.

In such cases, the rally participants demanded to meet with someone who could be in charge instead of Giorgi Tugushi. The IDPs will have the possibility of meeting with the Public Defender himself on Sunday or Monday. (Interpressnews) does not Cite Abkhazia as an Independent Country any more

The Dutch does not cite Abkhazia as an independent country any more. The Abkhazian “Apsua TV” is now listed as a Georgian channel.

Even yesterday in the site’s list of TV channels Abkhazia was noted as an independent state among a list of 100 channels. The information was spread by InterpressNews based on the information of one of the citizens of Georgia living abroad.

The citizen Apolon Pachulia also wrote to InterpressNews and informed that he had contacted the web-site owner, Frank Huisman, who promised him to put Apsua TV in the list of Georgian channels. provides the opportunity to watch 100 channels from various different countries. (Interpressnews)

Irakli Alasania Met the Population of Tsalenjikha Region

The leader of Free Democrats, Irakli Alasania met with the population of Tsalenjikha region. Alasania stated that in Tsalenjikha as well as in other parts of Georgia there is an opinion that the existing government has been careless. According to Alasania, the sphere of agriculture has been purposefully destroyed. Just one percent of the budget is spent on development of agriculture sector and supporting farmers.

Alasania declared that the government has left the population of the village without any attention and that the Minister of Agriculture is responsible for the current unbearable situation in the villages.

The leader of Free Democrats will also meet the residents of the villages of Jgali and Skuri today. Also he plans to visit the IDPs living in the village of Potskho and meet the residents of the borough of Jvari.

Irakli Alasania has already had meetings with the population of Ozurgeti, Chokhatauri, Gori, Khashuri, KAreli and Senaki Regions. (Interpressnews)

Georgian aviators assemble to recall 2008 August war

Representatives of Sakaeronavigatsia Ltd. (Georgian Air Navigation) and Civil Navigation assembled yesterday on the territory, where a radio locator was exploded during the Russia-Georgian war in August 2008. The rally was held as part of the Memorial Week.

The aviators recalled the events that took place three years ago, when a Russian bomber blew up the radar and Georgian navigators were able to fix the problem in one minute. They were able to switch to the reserve radar in one minute exactly.

The country now has a contemporary navigation system and infrastructure courtesy of some financial assistance from France. There are several radio locators in Georgia, one of which is in the western part of the country. (Rustavi 2)

Nestan Kirtadze unsatisfied with policy of govt. in connection with monument removal

Nestan Kirtadze, International Secretary of the Labor Party said that the policy of the Georgian government against cultural monuments is not sensible.

She protested against the removing of the Davit Aghmashenebeli monument at the central square in Kutaisi town. She calls on the political parties and the public to resist such actions of the government. She said the government had destroyed Georgian cultural and national items and counted 7 monuments which have been removed by the government.

Nestan Kirtadze considers such actions as part of maniacal phobia and the fight against national symbols. She underlined that our past and our national symbols is our history and we are responsible for preserving them for the future generations. (GHN)

Gocha Dzasokhov`s Brother is Accused of Murdering Elguja Jincharadze

Gocha Dzasokhov`s brother, Richard Dzasokhov is accused of murdering the former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Adjara, Elguja Jincharadze. Russian police arrested Richard Dzasokhov in Krasnodar region several days ago.

45 year-old Jincharadze was killed on September 10, 2010 in Moscow as a result of an argument in the street.

The reason for the murder is not known yet. “Moskovski Komsomolets” reports Richard Dzasokhovi saying that he did not intend to kill Jincharadze and the accident happened because of an unexpected argument. The motive of business interests is also not being excluded. Jincharadzes and Dzasokhovs may have had a joint business. The younger brother of Elguja Jincharadze was also killed in Moscow several years ago. (Interpressnews)