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Friday, August 12
Does Gigi Ugulava create a new party?

Member of National Forum Ani Mirotadze in her interview to Alia says that she has secret information that the Mayor of Tbilisi Gigi Ugulava is working to create his own political party, however she does not confirm it officially. Mirotadze said that Ugulava had a meeting and talks about this idea in Chakvi, and several National Movement members Mamuka Akhvlediani, Mikheil Machvariani (vice speaker of the parliament), MPs Khatuna Ochiauri, Zurab Melikishvili and Giorgi Meladze. Mirotadze says that those people are Ugulava’s supporters. “I really do not know how he will make a new political party when Saakashvili is the country’s president and Merabishvili is Interior Minister. However Ugulava has big ambitions,” she says.

According to her it is notable that Ugulava does not have very good relations with the west, however another probable candidate Bokeria who most probably will not stand next to Ugulava, has quite good relations with the west, but has never expressed his ambition for this position. Mirotadze says that Bokeria’s support of Ugulava is very important.

A new school is being constructed

Educational and Scientific Infrastructure Development Agency under Ministry is undertaking the construction of a new school in the village of Nokalakevi, Senaki, 24 Hours reports. Deputy Minister of Education and Science Irine Kurdadze visited the site of construction.

The original building of the school was constructed in 1931. The building has become obsolete in recent years and up to 150 schoolchildren had to take classes in the neighboring village school.

The new school will start operating from November, 2011. The school will be equipped with modern technical facilities and will have a school laboratory, library, computer class and sports pitch. The new school will also have its facilities adapted to the requirements of children with special educational needs.