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Payment for kindergarten has been determined from GEL 30-80 in Tbilisi, according to the location. Is this price affordable for your family?

Friday, August 12
“I have heard about it from you and I think it will be really hard for my family to pay this amount of money. I have twins and they are 4 years-old, we live in the centre of Tbilisi which means we have to pay about 150 GEL for them per month. This money means a lot for us, because only my spouse has a job in my family.”
Lali, housewife, 35

“I don’t exactly know how much I would be asked to pay for my children because GEL 30-50 is something more affordable and satisfactory because some school teachers don’t even have a salary of GEL 80…”
Levan, Sportsman, 44

“Well there is a great difference between GEL 30 and 80… that’s why I can already see the unfairness of the initiative. Why should the families living in the middle of the city pay more money than those living in the suburbs or vice versa? There are rich and poor families everywhere and the Government should stop making silly decisions.”
Eka, Manager, 36

“It is not expensive but the matter is that Georgian kindergartens' conditions are not worth this amount of money. If I see that the food is of excellent quality and the conditions are appropriate for my child I would pay this money by all means, but it is not so.”
Neli, translator, 28

“Well I have two small kids and I would get more information about the issue because I want to register at the nearest kindergarten. If the service at the garden would be reflected on the amount I wouldn’t bother but GEL 80 is not a small amount of money – it’s quite a solid amount and hardly every family could afford it.”
Manana, Housewife, 26

“I have no kids but I think the price is quite affordable. As far as I know there are a number of good kindergartens in Tbilisi which offers good services and they need to be financed to improve the conditions.”
Irakli, bank employee, 25

“My daughter goes to private kindergarten and I am very satisfied with it. I have never had problems with the kindergarten's staff and my daughter feels very comfortable there. I trust the teachers and I know that my kid is safe there. It costs more than GEL 80 but it is worth it.”
Tamar, manager, 30