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Situation in cattle breeding system

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, August 16
During the soviet period, the breeding of cattle was a successful segment of Georgian agriculture. For the last ten years the situation in this segment has deteriorated. However state structures have given promises to improve the situation. An even more pressing concern is the situation in pig breeding. There are less than 100 000 pigs in Georgia today, whereas in 2002 statistical data showed that there were more than 400 000 pigs in Georgia. During the soviet period the number of pigs in Georgia reached over one million. As for cattle during the soviet period there were more than 1.5 mln cows in Georgia. In 2002-03 their number was more than 1.6 however today their number is around 1.1. The government introduced 500 cows for breeding and creating several cow farms, however these steps have not made a significant impact. It is noteworthy that the demand for Georgian beef has increased in the international market as foreign buyers believe the product is organic and tasty. Cattle therefore could play a big role in Georgian exports. As for sheep their number has diminished to around 500 000, from 2 mln while there are also signs that the poultry market is suffering similar decline.

Meanwhile, away from these troubling agricultural statistics there have been positive signs in bee-keeping, as the number of hives in Georgia has doubled to 200 000 in the last ten years.