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Tuesday, August 16
Labour promote boycott of English language

Rezonansi writes that members of the Labour Party are calling on Georgian youth to boycott the studying of the English language. According to them the authorities are placing English on the same level as Georgian, a native language. It is noteworthy that this statement has coincided with arrival of a new wave of native English speaking teachers in Georgia.

Academic Ivane Kighuradze thinks Labour's plan is not acceptable and boycotting of English language teaching should not happen. Kighuradze says that English should be taught by Georgian teachers fluent in the English language.

Nukri Kantaria of Georgian Academy says that we should not boycott any language but he says that Labour's protest was aimed more at the arrival of several hundred English teachers.

“I support this statement in one point. Many of those teachers are not professional and do not have any experience of working with children. I strongly believe that it would be better if the Education Ministry will arrange a project which sends Georgian teachers – English specialists abroad to improve their qualification, and after returning to Georgia they will be able to teach our children more effectively,” Kantaria said.

Teachers Take Intensive Training

Participants of the project “Georgian Language for Future Success” initiated by the President, are taking up an intensive training course, 24 Hours reports. The training course includes the following modules: modern methods of learning and development, cultural diversity and bilingual learning. First Deputy Minister Koka Sepherteladze got familiar with the training process.

Trained teachers will commence their activities from September in non-Georgian schools of Kvemo Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kakheti regions. They will spend one academic year in these regions and live with host families.

According to Koka Sepherteladze, “The Ministry implements several projects in order to support the integration of national minorities into a civic society and “Georgian Language for Future Success” is one of those programs that help the minorities to master the state language”.

All citizens of Georgia, who are native speakers of Georgian language and hold B.A or M.A degrees were eligible to participate in the open competition for the “Georgian Language for Future Success Program”; at this stage, the selection committee has chosen 186 candidates. The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia will fund M.A studies of B.A participants of the program based on their one year work experience. At the same time, experience gained in the frame of the program will be considered in case the participants opt to pass Teacher Certification Exams and further pursue their career in teaching.