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Do you think IDPs' rights are violated in Georgia?

Tuesday, August 16
“Not only IDPs but all of our rights are violated in Georgia nowadays and you can find unfairness and injustice at every step. Certainly, IDPs are the people who should be cared for most, but who cares?”
Nino, teacher, 48

“If you mean the eviction process I think this is a good move from authorities. At last they will have their dwelling place and more space will be allotted for their families. This is really hard to have 1-2 rooms in a hotel like Abkhazeti and spend your life there.”
Tiko, student, 19

“I do not think their rights are violated, because as I know none of them live in the street and the government tries to satisfy all families with money or a flat. If they are unsatisfied with the suggested places I would tell them that not everyone lives in the centre of Tbilisi.”
Lika, hairdresser, 26

“Of course their rights are violated. People have lost their houses and resettled in other places. It is not easy at all. I am quite astonished with the eviction process and I think their rights were not defended as they should have been. It is almost 20 years they have lived in Tbilisi, now when the children have grown up and adjusted to Tbilisi life you go to them and say, you know you should move to one of the regions of Georgia, a completely unknown place for them. This is disgusting. The Government spends so much money on arranging concerts and fashion events, is it not better to spend money on improving their living conditions in Tbilisi?”
Giorgi, student, 25

“Definitely! Unfortunately our Government cares only for their personal promotion not the fates of people affected by the wars in Georgia. I mean they use the term “IDPs” to blind the international society and ask for money for “support”. But as a matter of a fact they never care for their people at all.”
Tina, Teacher, 44

“I don’t only think but I can even legally prove that but who cares? Our Government thinks they are always right in everything – they have their own justice and don’t consider public mind.”
Giorgi, Law Student, 22

“It’s obvious that the rights of IDPs are unfortunately violated in Georgia.”
Nino, Interpreter, 31