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Wednesday, August 17
Concert by Legrand and Gverdtsiteli sold out

The concert by Michel Legrand and Tamar Gverdtsiteli on Piazza Square in Georgia`s Black Sea town of Batumi was played to a sell out crowd. The funds raised by the concert were transferred to the Iavnana charity foundation.

Famous Georgian singer Tamar Gverdtsiteli opened the performance. She selected songs from her Georgian as well as French repertoire, covering almost every stage of her career.

The outstanding French composer visited Batumi with his wife. Michel Legrand performed with the symphony orchestra, which was conducted by Italian conductor Gianluca Marciano.

Tamar Gverdtsiteli has been Legrand`s favorite singer for 20 years. The French composer even dedicated a song to her years ago.

The audience had prepared a surprise for the composer. Tens of people opened umbrellas as soon as the famous soundtrack from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg started. The maestro was deeply touched by the gesture.

After the joint performance, both of the artists were honored by the Iavnana foundation.

As reported, the concert in Batumi, Michel Legrand started his farewell tour. (Rustavi 2)

518 cases of fire in Kakheti in 2011

From January 1, 2011 until August 5 there were registered 518 cases of fires in Kakheti region. Most of the cases were caused because of negligence and the fire brigade authorities are concerned as we approach the traditional peak time of year for fire risk. There are 4 fire brigades available in the Kakheti region. (The Messenger)

Experts working to ascertain of causes of fish death in Mtkvari River

Experts are working to ascertain the causes of death of a large amount of fish found in the Mtkvari River in Tbilisi on Monday.

The dead fish floated to the surface in the evening yesterday. Tests were taken and some of the dead fish were taken to laboratory for examination.

The dead fish had been floating on the surface of Mtkvari River since yesterday. Some anglers fishing at the river said the incident was caused by water intoxication. Others said the fish were killed by lack of oxygen in the water.

They also said they have never seen such an incident before. (Rustavi 2)

Christian-Democrats are conducting meetings in regions

Christian-Democrats are continuing meetings in the regions. Giorgi Targamadze met with the local population in Ozurgeti region. He said that in terms of regional infrastructure development the Guria region is one of the worst affected.

"As well as the government, unfortunately business is passive as well. We consider it to be necessary to change the attitude towards regional development radically. We need to construct roads in these villages. Small and medium business must be developed. We will propose our plan to the government, "- Targamadze said. (GHN)

Registration for children to enter kindergartens starts throughout Georgia

Registration for children, who will enter kindergartens has started throughout Georgia. The process is organized by the Agency of Nursery Schools Management.

From the new academic year, from September, children at kindergartens will be taught in accordance with contemporary methodology in new comfortable facilities.

Parents who want to take their children to kindergartens are able to register on a special webpage and choose the kindergarten they like.

The registration has already been completed for socially vulnerable children. (Rustavi 2)

Gia Geguchadze resigned from post of chief coach in Zestaponi football team

Gia Geguchadze said in a conversation with GHN that he is resigning from the post of head coach of football team "Zestaponi".

"After the defeat with Sturm, I decided to resign. The main reason is that I privately had a feeling of dissatisfaction, because we are out of the Champions League. I consider that we could do more. We talked with the President of the football club and I resigned from the post, "- Geguchadze said to GHN. (GHN)

Diode traffic lights installed in Tbilisi center

For the first time in Tbilisi, contemporary diode traffic lights produced in European countries have been installed. The implementation of the project has started from Heroes Square in the center of the city.

As reported, the new traffic lights consume three times less energy than the old lights. Furthermore, the new lights are equipped with a contemporary control system and video detectors.

As reported, the contemporary devices provide changeability of the signal lights in accordance with the intensity of traffic flow; increase in traffic capacity; unimpeded traffic flow and will shorten the waiting times at red lights.

Similar traffic lights are also expected to be installed in Chavchavadze Avenue in Tbilisi`s central district. 50 people are expected to be employed during the installation works. (Rustavi 2)