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Which presidential candidate in Abkhazia is most likely to conduct dialogue with Georgian authorities?

Wednesday, August 17
“Unfortunately, I do not think that ether of the candidates will start dialogue with Georgian authorities, since in relation to Georgia they are under Kremlin directives”.
Irakli, Economist, 31

“It is difficult for me to forecast the results of the elections and the political course of the possible president but I doubt that Russia would allow any Georgian-oriented official to become in charge of de facto governance.”
Ilia, Lawyer, 28

“It would be quite strange from any of the candidates of de facto presidency if they would start dialogue with Georgia because we would never accept Abkhazia as our counterpart while they would never stop struggling for independence.”
Anna, Editor, 36

“Right now it is almost impossible to forecast who will be ready to take such unpopular steps. On the one hand I suppose Moscow will not like it, on the other hand I do not think that Abkhazians will mind dialogue with Georgian authorities.
Keti, Psychologist, 28

“It does not matter who will be their leader, it is up to Russia and its president whether Abkhazia and Georgia will resume talks and relations.”
Sophie, teacher, 34

“It is very hard to predict anything, who ever will become their ‘president’ it should be in their interest to regulate relations with us. It is not worth talking now about recognition of their independence or IDPs returning to their homes, or their reintegration into Georgia. But at least we should have contact with Abkhazians, if not we will never get it back.”
Rezi, student, 23