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Thursday, August 18
Is the Mtkvari River poisoned?

On Monday night a huge amount of dead fish surfaced from the Mtkvari River in Tbilisi. The reason for the widespread deaths is still unknown as experts work to make clear what has happened, Rezonansi writes. As eye witnesses say the number of dead fish was so big that Tbilisi residents were going there and gathering them with their hands. One eyewitness even reported that people gathering the fish took them home and, according to released but unconfirmed information, gathered fish were also taken to restaurants and markets of Tbilisi.

One of the fishermen says that the cause of death was massive poisoning of the fish from Zahesi. According to him this is the period when fish's propagation (reproduction) begins and it is strongly prohibited carry out such measures at this time. The Ministry of Environment however claims that their experts found the reason to be a lack of oxygen.

Zurab Pataradze on brutal killing of 11 year-old child in Turkey

The mother and daughter Viola and Ekaterine Ochkhikidzes accused of murdering an 11 year-old boy in Istanbul have not been sentenced yet, 24 Hours report. The consul of Georgia in Turkey, Zurab Pataradze made the statement yesterday.

“The court process has not taken place yet and the accused have not been sentenced. I do not know why the information was spread. We are watching the case carefully and we will be following the events when the court process takes place”-declared Zurab Pataridze.

On August 16 media reported that the Ochkhidzes had been sentenced to life imprisonment.