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What do you think is the real reason for Robert Sturua’s dismissal? Do you think xenophobic statements should be a dismissible offence?

Thursday, August 18
“First of all I think that Sturua was dismissed because of his critical statements against the government and the president. I do not welcome this decision because I think that Sturua is a genius and he should be praised adequately in his country.
Nana, housewife, 37

“I do believe that Sturua will find his way anywhere in the world. I appreciate this man and I am in love with his performances. Saakashvili became inadequate and if he talks about xenophobic statements he should recall statements he made himself a few years ago.”
Gaga, student, 23

“I think it was a good decision. I understand that he is really very wise and smart, a good director, however when you are such a great man you should not make such silly statements about anyone including a president, a neighbor or a friend.”
Neli, sales manager, 25

“I think the Government’s decision has proved that there is no freedom of speech in Georgia. Robert Sturua would always remain the number one director in our country but I think it’s high time that the people would express their protest and protect their freedom of expression!”
Anna, Doctor, 28

“Sturua has been the director of the National Theatre for so many years and he is a world famous figure – which has promoted Georgian culture in many ways! Thus I think the Ministry of Culture shouldn’t have offended the Georgian people by his decision.”
Elene, Actress, 19