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Monday, August 22
Rainstorm in Kakheti

Residential buildings and agriculture fields have been flooded in Sagarejo region as a result of a heavy rainstorm.

The central road was also flooded in the villages of Kachreti and Sagarejo regions- Tokhliauri, Manavi, Shibliani, Badiauri and Khandaura.

Some parts of the Gurjaani-Tbilisi main road were also flooded as a result of which the movement of traffic was hampered.

According to the Governor of the region Gia Chalatashvili the corresponding procedures have already been carried out and the roads are being cleared. Chalatashvili also noted that the traffic on the road is already back to normal and the representatives of local municipality together with the police are controlling the situation. As a result of the rainstorm the village of Cheremi has been cut off as the only road has been blocked. (Interpressnews)

Another Earthquake in Racha region

3.7 magnitude earthquake has occurred in Ambrolauri region. According to the information of Ilia State University Seismic Monitoring Centre the quake struck in the early morning at 06:45, 2 km to the east of the town of Ambrolauri.

The epicenter was marked as the village of Zemo Krikhi and seismologists measured the quake at a depth of 10 km.

On August 18, a 5 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Racha region. The quake was felt across the whole territory of Georgia, but did not cause any damage. (Interpressnews)

Shamba injured in a road accident

Presidential candidate of the Abkhazian puppet regime Sergei Shamba has been injured in a road accident. One of his body guards died in the accident and another was seriously injured. Russian news agencies have not confirmed the report, though the residents of the breakaway Abkhazia say the accident was preceded with a criminal dispute between the supporters of Shamba and another presidential candidate - Aleksandr Ankvab. Reportedly, the two groups had a dispute about a video tape, which showed how Ankvab`s supporters forced voters to join the election campaign of their candidate. Shamba had a road accident a few days after the dispute.

As eyewitnesses say, Ankvab`s supporters halted Shamba`s escort, but the driver failed to control the wheel and slid on the road.

Shamba has been transferred to Sokhumi hospital, while his body guards undergo treatment at the Agudzera hospital. (Rustavi 2)

Autumn military conscription begins

Mandatory military autumn conscription is underway in Georgia. The draftees were assembling at the instructed addresses early on Sunday morning. The first region, which will send 90 young men to the army, is Mtskheta-Mtianeti. The conscription refers to male citizens of Georgia aged from 18 to 27 years, who have not served obligatory military service and do not fit the criteria for exemption determined by law.

The defense ministry reports about 7000 draftees are expected to serve in the army this year. The solemn ceremony was held in Mtskheta city yesterday. A special concert was also held to see off the conscripts. Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Ramaz Nikolaishvili met with the 90 conscripts, who will be sent to the defense, probation and interior ministries for military service. They were presented with symbolic gifts. (Rustavi 2)

Patriarch hosted famous musician Liana Isakadze

The Georgian Patriarch Ilia II hosted prominent Georgian violinist and musician Liana Isakadze priori to a four-day international festival of classical music, which will be held in Batumi. Along with Georgians, popular foreign musicians will also perform for the audience in the seaside city.

Patriarch showed interest to the repertoire of the festival and expressed the hope that the same music would be soon played in the breakaway Abkhazia. (Rustavi 2)

Country Reports on Terrorism 2010 hails Georgia

The Georgian government has continued to improve border security and monitor terrorist finance according to a study covering 2010. It also took steps to implement the requirements of several UNSCRs on counterterrorism and worked with the United States and several EU countries on counterterrorism issues - says the Country Reports on Terrorism 2010, published by the US Department of State. The report is an annual congressionally mandated report that provides an assessment of trends and events in international terrorism that occurred from January 1 to December 31, 2010.

The report also says that Georgia`s lack of control of Abkhazia and South Ossetia limited its ability to counter terrorism in these regions and to secure its border with Russia. (Rustavi 2)