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Tuesday, August 23
Locals counting cost of damage in Kakheti Region

Local administrations are counting the cost of damage inflicted on Kakheti Region by heavy rain. Emergency services have already began to pump water and silt from the ground floors of houses, which were flooded in the last ten days. Heavy rains have caused floods; in addition, the swollen rivers have also flooded agricultural lands, vine-yards and fruit gardens in several districts of the region. Not only villages, but cities also suffered serious damage. The flood killed cattle and poultry. The Shromiskhevi River burst its banks and flooded the basements of the blocks of apartments in Lagodekhi City, where over 100 families have been evacuated. The mudslide in the centre of Lagodekhi swept away a restaurant, flooded playing grounds and a stadium. For several hours, the region was disconnected from the electricity network. The severe weather has also halted the operation of the local water reservoir. To save a 51 year-old employee, Mikheil Edigarov, the rescuers have sent a helicopter to the area.

Rivers swelled in the Sagarejo district while the village Bogdanovka has been completely flooded. The ground floors of over 80 houses were flooded and over 70 families have been isolated from the rest of the region. The situation is also very grave in the Kandaura and Badiauri villages. The river blocked traffic on the Tbilisi-Bakurtsikhe highway for several hours.

The situation is hard in Gurjaani district too where houses have been flooded in several villages.

Local administrations are counting the cost of damage to determine the amount of funds required, which will be allocated for rehabilitation works in the region. (Rustavi 2)

Festival Khvaramzeoba held in a remote village of Mtianeti

The residents of the Artaani village and the guests, who arrived there to mark a local holiday Khvaramzeoba and took part in celebrations dedicated to the day. The celebrations were organized by the Mtskheta-Mtianeti administration and with the blessing of the Pshavkhevsureti archbishop.

The Khvaramzeoba is a kind of festival, where Georgian poets and local amateur poets competed with one another. Folk bands performed their shows as well as individual folk singers. The exhibitions of hand-made souvenirs were also held within the festival. (Rustavi 2)

Final results of united national exams to be known next week

The final results of the united national exams will be known next week. InterPressNews was informed by the National Examinations Centre that the specialists have already completed the revision of the appeals. From next week the list of enrolled students will be published.

On the whole the centre received about 630 appeals most of which were for Georgian language and mathematics.

According to the Examinations Centre this year 33 000 students must be enrolled by the Bachelors` program and 3 000 by Professional programs. (Interpressnews)

IDP children sent to summer school in Tsikhisdziri

IDPs` Minister Koba Subeliani and the representatives of the Regional Centre of Constitutionalism Survey and Support have sent IDP children to the Tsikhisdziri Black Sea Resort. The children will spend a week of their summer holidays and in addition, they will attend a summer school, where they will be offered lectures about the constitution.

This is the 8th group of IDP children, who were sent to the summer school on the seaside resort under the sponsorship of the IDP ministry and the Center of Constitutionalism. In total, 100 children have taken part in this project this summer. (Rustavi 2)

National Council calls governments for refusal of Giorgobiani’s extradition

The Conservative Party and the National Council are calling on the German and Georgian governments to refuse the extradition of Bidzina Giorgobiani. In connection with the detention of Bidzina Giorgobiani in Spain, Lasha Chkhartishvili one of the leaders of the Conservative Party said that if Giorgobiani will be extradited to Georgia he will face severe problems. As Chkhartishvili stated the political persecution against the detainee has been carried out by Saakashvili's regime thus he will be under real danger in a Georgian prison. "Bidzina Giorgobiani was detained at a Spanish town while being with his family and children on August 8 this year. The grounds for arrest were that he was searched by Interpol under the unlawful demand of Georgian government. This was illegal because for that moment he was already a German citizen, not a Georgian one,"- Chkhartishvili said stressing that persecution against Giorgobiani is absolutely groundless and the court judgment delivered in 2008 was illegal. “This is the revenge of Vano Merabishvili, the MIA head. The reason is that in 2004-2005 when he was a head of the Forest Department he was actively resisting the illegal actions of the MIA minister and was against the Constitutional Security department head Data Akhalaia. These actions were connected with the forgery of forest documents together with the Kokoity regime, "- Chkhartishvili said. (GHN)