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Privatization of policlinics underway in Tbilisi

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, August 23
7 out of the 50 policlinics controlled by the Tbilisi municipality have been sold, a statement regarding the issue was made by Spokesperson of Tbilisi City Hall Bacho Dolidze, on August 22.

He mentioned that privatization of the network of polyclinics has already been carried out in 7 polyclinics, 3 of them were purchased by the medical staff of the polyclinics themselves. The polyclinics were sold in Vashlijvari, Petritsi and Akhundovi streets, Samgori and Varketili.

Dolidze explained that privatization of the network of polyclinics was caused by the fact that private medical institutions are deemed to work more effectively.

He underlined that in the sold polyclinics, prices will remain the same for 5 years and qualifications of the medical staff will increase, “ Privatization of the network of polyclinics is not concealed and information is available on the web page of Tbilisi City Hall”, Bacho Dolidze said.

The issue has been criticized by the opposition Our Georgia- Free Democrats on the same day who have already demanded clarification in writing from the Tbilisi Mayoral of how the privatization would be carried out and how the policlinics would develop by such actions. However, they have previously stated that the annihilation of the traditional scheme of medical service would impose a more unsystematic situation in the field, “it is unknown for Tbilisi residents how the policlinics would serve the society after privatization, what kind of relation would be formed between the policlinics and insurance companies, what guarantees will exist for employment and so on, “ the statement of Our Georgia-Free Democrats said. The main point the opposition party emphasized was that society is not being informed as to who buys the policlinics.