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Do you agree with Georgian products returning to the Russian Market? If yes, do you think it is likely to happen?

Tuesday, August 23
“I do not believe in the Russians and think that Georgian entrepreneurs should refrain from coming back to the Russian market. I consider that Georgian companies should search for more reliable partners than Russians.”
Temur, Manager, 32

“Georgian products coming back to the Russian market would be a positive event for Georgia's economic advance. It was the most significant market for us and since we left the market our farmers, owners and some others have really struggled. I hope that our authorities will act accordingly and achieve this.”
Natia, Teacher, 43

“It would be very important for our economy, however I am less optimistic. If Georgian authorities had enough diplomacy and skills to hold productive negotiations, they should have used WTO ( World trade organization) talks positively for Georgian interests, however, I could not see that happening.”
Gia, Economist, 52

"The renewal of Georgian exports to Russia is quite feasible, since in negotiations regarding the WTO issue the Russian Federation will at least withdraw its embargo on Georgian goods. Georgian authorities can use the current situation to play a win-win game with a favorable outcome."
Dato, Financier, 38

"Yes, it's quite real, since Georgian economy managed to recover after Russian embargo, and it does not depend on wine and Borjomi exports, plus Russia needs Georgia's support in WTO, thus I think our goods will return to the Russian market".
Eka, Student, 26

“I wish we had fewer connections with Russia but what can be done about it? They are our neighbors and they have quite a large market. The US and Europe are rather far from us thus it would be more difficult for us to return to their market.”
Marekh, Political analyst, 22

“We should consider any market ready to take Georgian products. That’s why I wouldn’t mind either the Russian market or any other post soviet one.”
Akaki, Financial Manager, 21