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Do you agree that polyethylene bags should be removed?

Friday, August 26
“Recently this has become a big issue, there are some ads regarding the issue on TV. To say the truth, I have no negative attitude concerning the bags, unless they are harmful for nature and animals.”
Nodar, Artist, 28

“ It would be nice. I hate these polyethylene bags, every evening I have a colossal number of those bags at home . Cardboard bags would be better.”
Beka, Student, 21

“As far as I know, such kinds of bags are not used in foreign countries. If they are not removed, this fact will not have any affect on my mood, however, if there is some better alternative, it would be nice. And one more point, the alternative should not cost more than those polyethylene bags.”
Salome, Actress, 32

“I agree not to throw them in the street, if we use paper bags and throw them in the street again, will there be any difference?”
Lile, Journalist, 23

“I totally agree with this idea even though I have just heard about it. I think it would lower pollution in the country.”
Elene, Interpreter, 28

“It would be a little difficult to ban consumption of polyethylene bags at the beginning but I think it will be a step forward for environmental protection.”
Tornike, Economist, 30

“Unfortunately we never think about animals and leave all the remains in the polyethylene bags behind us in forests and in places where these beautiful animals live so I totally welcome the initiative and I hope it would be successful for our environment.”
Nodar, Financial Manager, 26

“ It would be nice, however, our authorities only think of its own interests , I hope that they will not create some company, of some alternative of such bags and the people will not have to pay additional money for current bags’ alternatives, together with the food. “
Tamaz, Doctor, 43