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Georgia importing wheat

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, August 30
According to official information, Georgia this year enjoyed a good wheat harvest which should have decreased the country's reliance on imports. However there are some slightly worrying figures from the statistical department. In January - July, 2011 Georgia imported wheat amounting to more than USD 97 000 000, when the same period last year Georgia imported wheat of around USD 73 000 000. There are different opinions as to why this was the case. It may be that the order for wheat import was signed before the harvest, it may be that the country wants to increase its strategic reserves of this product because of the cheap prices elsewhere.

Today, the Georgian Government advertises countrywide its new seeds of wheat and corn imported from USA, which so far gave encouraging results. The country is also taking some steps to introduce machinery for the agricultural sector of the state even though a lot depends on natural conditions and weather patterns.

So far, Georgia was satisfying around 15% of its demand from domestically produced wheat. Agricultural Minister Kvezereli promises that by 2012 the country will satisfy 35% of its demand.