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Impressive pass rate at United National Exams

By Ernest Petrosyan
Tuesday, August 30
According to the primary results of the Unified National Exams announced at the briefing on August 29 by the Minister of Education Dimitri Shahkin and the Director of National Examination Centre Maia Mininoshvili, 22 236 out of 34 000 entrants succeeded and have been enrolled in Georgian universities, and 1318 entrants were enrolled in professional programs.

“Only 7% of entrants failed to obtain a minimum required level of general skills which is a very good result that says that the education reforms are going in right direction”, stated Minister Shashkin.

Referring to students from non-Georgian language schools Shashkin emphasized the progress of such students. “It is very important that this year the number of students graduating from Azeri and Armenian language schools, who will attend one year Georgian language course, has doubled. When we launched this program 2 years ago only three students were attending. Last year we had over 200 such students and this year more than 400 students. It means that the integration of these students in the education field is going successfully”, added Shashkin.

About 10 000 of those entrants who didn’t get enrolled to any program and had passed the minimum competency level in 4 exams for academic programs and General Skills will have another opportunity to get accepted through secondary enrollment.

“From Wednesday we will start the secondary admission process for those entrants who failed to get accepted. We will offer the remaining vacant places in institutions. Those who passed the general skills test will have the opportunity to take professional studies. In case of a choice of an academic program the minimum required level of general skills and 4 other academic tests should be taken. The final number of students is not known yet, but the general outcome is good enough”, stated the Director of National Examination Centre (NAEC) Maia Miminoshvili. She also added that they are satisfied as the profitable universities, TSU for instance, have been completely filled.

The Messenger talked to several newly accepted students regarding their expectations from United National Exams, who generally agreed with the results. “I have graduated from high school without attending the 12th grade and decided to pass the united national exams. I absolutely did not prepare in other subjects, and got accepted to the faculty of journalism at Tbilisi State University, which was among the top priorities. I am happy about this, and I think that the result is very much adequate”, said Lola Namchevanidze, one of the newly enrolled students from Kutaisi.