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Tuesday, August 30
Financial audit to be prolonged for a month in 6 organizations of “Palitra Media”

The financial audit will be prolonged for one more month in 6 organizations of “Media Palitra”. The auditors announced their orders about continuing the check several days ago. The representatives of the organization declared that they need more time for analyzing the documentation.

They also stated that it may not be necessary for the tax officers to go to Media Palitra any more. The tax inspectors will conduct analysis at the Revenue Service instead.

The auditing must have been completed on August 29, as it had already been delayed before. The tax inspectors completed checking the documentation a month ago and they did not go to “Jep LTD” and “Polygraphic Materials LTD” any longer. After long and intensive work they did not go to other organizations either.

On June 7 the representatives of the Preventive department of the Revenue Service started to check 6 organizations of “Palitra Media” at the same time. The authorities of the agency declared that it was a planned check and that the organization was selected by the computer system of risk management.

Bakradze leaves for Singapore and Australia on working visit

On August 30 Davit Bakradze, Georgian Parliamentary Chair will depart for Singapore on a working visit.

In the frames of the visit Bakradze and the Parliamentary delegation will conduct meetings with local business circles with the purpose of encouraging investment to Georgia.

The delegation will depart from Singapore on September 2-4, to visit Australia. He will hold meetings with Foreign, Defense and Trade parliamentary heads.

On September 6-8 meetings will continue in New Zeeland. The aim of this visit is to deepen the bilateral cooperation in pacific region states to assist with the policy of non recognition of the secessionist regions and support for territorial integrity.

Tbilisi mayor awards principals of two schools

Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava has awarded the principals of two schools with special certificates and medals. The directors of the N29 art school and the Soliko Virsaladze Art School have been handed certificates and medals for their contribution to culture development.

The pupils of the two schools in their turn held a concert and exhibition of their works in Rike Park. Under the decision of the Tbilisi mayor, the pupils of various art schools will be able to perform such shows and hold exhibitions in various parks of the capital on Sundays.
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Vera Kobalia: Georgia is not against WTO membership for Russian Federation

Georgian is not against the affiliation of Russian Federation to WTO according to Vera Kobalia, Economic and Sustainable Development Minister in her interview with French media.

"The membership of Russian Federation in WTO would be even very useful for Georgia, "- Minister noted. She said that the parties have some problems which are to be decided. She said that Russia as any other member country would be obliged to fulfil obligations under this organization. This means that on the Russia-Georgia borders, control is to be established. At the same time Georgia doubts that the negotiations will be accomplished successfully according to Zurab Chiaberashvili, envoy in Switzerland.

The Georgian envoy said that Moscow is not for any compromise and is not willing to agree to any of the questions posed by Tbilisi. Moreover Russia makes the process polarized, at the same time Georgia is ready for negotiations. Zurab Chiaberashvili said on August 9-10 between the parties the negotiations actually failed. For information, the negotiations between Russia and Georgia on the WTO membership are pending. Georgia is willing to accept Russia in this organization, with some preconditions.

Inauguration of de-facto President of Abkhazia to be held on September 26

The inauguration of de-facto President of Abhkazia will be held on September 26. Agency Ria Novosti reports about the event.

According to so called Deputy-Chairman of Parliament, Viacheslav Tsugba, the inauguration ceremony has been scheduled in exactly one month.

“The President will be sworn in before the Parliament and the Supreme Court “-declared Tsugba.

The so called Presidential elections were held on August 26 in the Abkhazian puppet republic. Alexander Ankvab was elected with 54.9% of the votes.