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Compiled by Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, August 30
Arnold Stepanian suspected of taking directives from Armenian Special Agencies reports an interview with Georgian Producer, Zaza Svanadze, who states that the head of civil movement Multiethnic Georgia, Arnold Stepanian , is dealing with Armenian special agencies and is engaged with anti Georgian actions. According to the producer the organization is just a lobby of Armenia in Georgia, which is not interested in protecting Azeri, Jewish or other ethnic minorities' rights in the state, “ he is directed by Armenian special agencies: if Stepanian sues me for this in the court, I would repeat the same. That non government organization which is chaired by him is just a mask, “ Svanadze stated and mentioned that Stepanian is really a spy, who collected the interviews of Georgian public figures and delivered them to the Armenian Government.

As the producer demands , “ Georgian prosecutors office must question Stepanian and charge him of stirring up tension between nations, “ the Producer , said.

The Government decides who should be in the leadership of the Rustaveli Theatre

“Sturua is important for me as an artist, however it is unacceptable when a figure financed through the state acts against the state, “ Vice Speaker, Gigi Tsereteli stated in his interview with Kviris Palitra newspaper. According to the Vice speaker, the decision of the Ministry of Culture regarding the dismissal of the art director of Rustaveli Theatre was made at their behest and that the state will decide his successor at the Rustaveli Theatre. Tsereteli also mentioned that no one prohibited Sturua to stage plays in Rustaveli Theatre and even if Sturua leaves Georgia it would not be “the national tragedy“ of the country.

Food is rising in price

Newspaper Rezonansi writes that agricultural products are slowly becoming more expensive, which suggests that next month inflation will reach double digit figures. The newspaper reports that in May, inflation was at 15% - and it was then peculiar when the national bank managed to decrease it to 6% . According to the economic analyst Avto Silagadze, this was virtually impossible, as the state is mainly dependent on imported products and by the end of the year the average annual inflation will reach double digit figures again.