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Do you think new leader’s coming to power in de facto Abkhazia might change the Georgian-Abkhazian relations?

Tuesday, August 30
“I can hardly predict anything about Georgian-Abkhazian relations which have been quite stressed for the last 20 years…The de facto Abkhazian Government has chosen its path two decades ago and I doubt that anything would improve this situation in the future.”
Tornike, Economist, 35

“It is very difficult to say as politics is a very unpredictable field. To say the truth, I was glad that Ankvab won the so called elections, I have sympathy towards the man and hope some positive steps will come from his side.”
Nugzar, Historian, 43

“In my opinion, it has no vital importance who comes into the leadership of the de facto region, as in reality, the area is ruled by the Russian Government. The leader of the territory will have to obey Russian directives, otherwise he will be killed.”
Nino, Manager, 36

“There are more sensible and experienced people than me who state that new leader was not in the interests of Russia. If he was not in Russian interests it means that he should not be bad for Georgia. I can say that nothing can be excluded, however the current Georgian leadership must act wisely.”
Lado, Engineer, 54

“I don’t actually have any idea about this issue but according to the fact that de facto Abkhazia cooperates with Russia I don’t think that any of the presidential candidates would have improved relations with Georgia.”
Tamta, Lawyer, 22

“It would be too naive from Russia if they would let any Abkhazian official act out of their “frames” but if for example Ankvab would still try to change the situation with Georgia he may even become a victim of his own “courage”.
Sandro, Political Analyst, 25

“The new leader might be independent in internal affairs to some extent, but I am sure that he will not be independent in the issues related to Georgia, and will continue the policy under Kremlin dictation”.
Andrew, Manager, 32

“I absolutely doubt it will change anything as de facto Abkhazian leaders don’t unfortunately have any voice in these matters.”
Shalva, Reporter, 30