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Russians remember Georgian wine

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 31
The middle age generation of Russians still remembers the taste of Georgian wine and they definitely would welcome its return, however Georgian alcohol will only flow back to Russia if it passes the appropriate certification according to the Russian sanitary service. Leader of Free Georgia opposition party, Kakha Kukava, stated after his meeting with Russian officials that up to 15 Georgian companies are ready to deliver their products to Russian sanitary services and if results are positive the export of these products will be restored to Russia. The ban of Georgian alcohol was introduced in 2006, as an economic lever against Georgia’s policy of integration with the west, so as result the Georgian wine industry suffered a serious blow and was forced to start looking for other markets. There was certain success in this direction; however the same amount of wine as had been sold to Russia was not sold to other markets, so it would be a huge boost for Georgian wine producers to return back to Russian markets.