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How would you rate the level of service in Georgian resorts?

Wednesday, August 31
“I can say that the level of service is quite acceptable. I was in Batumi and liked being there very much, there were a lot of interesting events, a lot of people, nice music, clubs and so on. I can say that I had a great time there.”
Nino Student, 20

“Well, I can say that the level of service is normal in Georgia and not high, however it is an improvement as several years ago people did not know what the word “service" meant, nothing can be changed immediately and I think that serious positive moves are evident in this field.”
Giorgi, Economist , 29

“To say the truth I am not satisfied, as it is more PR than a truly European situation. There are two or three places in the country where the situation is better, however such places are available for those who have lots of money, while the interests of middle or low income people are not protected in any field of the country.”
Guga, Computer Programmer, 26

“In general, when I go to rest, I rent a room in a house and serve myself. In general, everyone tries to be polite towards consumers; otherwise they will be left without income, especially when the level of competition is quite high.”
Nino, Doctor, 43

“Unfortunately I can’t rate the level of service on our resorts as I am practically unable to go anywhere but my village in summer, due to salary. However, what I can guess from my relatives, is that they are content with the situation in our resorts.”
Salome, Teacher, 35

“The service is nice if you can pay for the service, the owners always try to be polite and do their best for you to be satisfied. I have an opportunity to rest abroad and can say that there is no significant difference in price even when the service level is higher abroad. Some balance is needed as events are mainly being held in the resorts, when there are a lot of other interesting territories in this country.”
Dato, Musician, 52