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Do you think a united Caucasus is possible?

Thursday, September 1
“It would be nice, as some of our neighboring states has a really nice amount of oil and some other means which would be good for Georgia as well, as we would be able to have some privileges in this regard. In general, I do not exclude anything; however, I don’t wait any genuine moves in this direction in the near future.”
Salome, Economist, 29

“It is a dream and nothing more, it is really funny when our President underlines this issue so frequently. There are great differences from various viewpoints between the Caucasus countries and one what Saakashvili does while highlighting the issue is irritating Russia.
Davit, Sociologist, 34

“Well, it is less possible to my mind, especially when there are some conflicts between the Caucasus states. Until those conflicts are regulated I think that it is not liekly, I can’t see South Caucasus unification. “
Gela, Doctor, 62

“Definitely not at this moment... it's a very long term question to be discussed... and several decades should pass in order to put this in practice... the latter is improbable at this moment unfortunately, because we don't share the same vision... at least I think so.”
Koka, Journalist, 21

“United? No way. Then we have to destroy too much (culture, religion, individuality and the sense of state itself) which we have gained with so much blood (look at the history, the recent history as well).”
Keti, Lawyer, 25

“Yes, maybe… Everything is possible in life but what’s the use of uniting the two different parts with each other I just wonder?”
Tamta, Economist, 31